Authenticity: A key element of business success


We recently led a summit, “The Six-Figure Coach: How to Create, Grow, and Sustain a Successful Coaching Business.”

I was struck by the fact that unprompted, every single one of our eight experts mentioned “Authenticity” in one form or another, as a key to business success.  

I agree of course, yet thought it was awesome that it was so prevalent!  This is key, especially as solopreneurs, since our businesses are US!   The more we lean into our true personality, the more aligned and successful we are.

So, how do you feel you’re doing in the area of authenticity?  

  • How “real” are you in your marketing?
  • Do you do not only “what works,” but “works for YOU?”
  • Are you being bold and fully expressing yourself vs. holding back?

We encourage you to think about how you can be even more authentic in your business!

Feel free to share or ask anything you want, just comment below.


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