BizLife "Coachulting"
Personalized Support

$1k  $750 per month
with Bizlife 360 Associate Coach

$2k  $1,500 per month
with Michael or Amy for first 10 members

BizLife "Coachulting"
Personalized Support

$1k  $750 per month                   $2k  $1,500 per month     
with Bizlife 360 Associate Coach                     with Michael for first 10 members

Coaching + Consulting = “Coachulting,” get it? Simply put, THIS IS OUR SWEET SPOT.  When you are really ready to grow your business and want the best...This is it!  We guarantee we will help you grow your business faster and with far fewer challenges than if you ventured forth on your own or with another expert.  Check out all you receive below and then schedule a consultation.

BizLife360-Products-Landscape-8.5-x-11-in-6--editedBizLife TrAction Membership All of the benefits of BizLife TrAction in a VIP group with others who also enjoy individual coaching.

BizLife360-Products-Landscape-8.5-x-11-in-6--editedWeekly Sessions We meet every week, alternating between your small group and individual sessions. Individual sessions are a robust 50-minutes and group calls are up to 90-minutes.


BizLife360-Products-Landscape-8.5-x-11-in-6--editedBizLife Accountability System Our proprietary accountability system will keep you focused on doing the right things to achieve your goals.


BizLife360-Products-Landscape-8.5-x-11-in-2--editedBizLife Questionnaire Complete our BizLife Questionnaire to identify exactly where you’re starting from in terms of mindset, marketing foundation, sales, and marketing strategies, product and service portfolio, pricing, action management, and more!

BizLife360-Products-Landscape-8.5-x-11-in-1--editedBizLife Blueprint We begin with a special 90-minute BizLife Blueprint session to discuss your goals and map out your strategic plan.


BizLife360-Products-Landscape-8.5-x-11-in-1--editedBizLife Forecast Enjoy a 2-hour virtual session to map out your marketing strategies and tie them to specific revenue targets.

BizLife360-Products-Landscape-8.5-x-11-in-6--editedBonus Sessions Bonus laser sessions as needed, asynchronous communication, and email feedback touchpoints with your coach.

BizLife360-Products-Landscape-8.5-x-11-in-1--editedTiger Team Interventions BizLife 360 Coaches, including Michael, meet biweekly to discuss our clients, review progress, measure results, and conduct “Tiger Team” interventions when necessary. You don’t want to “need” one of these, but we all come together to get you on track if you do!

Extra BONUSES for Our First 20 Members!

Subscribe for 6 months and receive $3,000 in bonuses at no extra charge!

-One bonus month of coaching, valued at $2,000

-One bonus month of BizLife TrAction Small Group Coaching, valued at $1,000 


Subscribe for 12 months and receive over $10,000 in bonuses at no extra charge!

-One bonus month of coaching, valued at $2,000

-Six bonus months of BizLife TrAction Small Group Coaching, valued at $6,000 

-An extra two-hour business planning session for the future year, valued at $1,000

-40 hours of Virtual Assistant support, valued at $1,400