Narrow Your Focus to Grow Your Business


Do you struggle with defining a target market and niche for your business? 

After all, if you have the talent to help different people with many things, why would you want to turn anyone away?

Think of it this way…

Strategic Planning (2)

Defining a target market and niche helps you figure out how to market your business AND what types of products and services to offer, based on what your clients NEED. 

Here’s a real-life example for you. 

At BizLife360, we help service-based solopreneurs build, grow and sustain their businesses. We could work with financial planners, massage therapists, coaches, consultants, and many more types of businesses. They could be of various sizes - from startups to 7 figure businesses. Now, that’s a BROAD target market and niche! 

So, we carve out CAMPAIGNS to reach different segments.

You’ll receive an email tomorrow announcing our 2-day free virtual Summit -  Six Figure Coach: What It Really Takes to Create, Sustain and Enjoy Your Coaching Practice. For this event, we’ve narrowed our target market to coaches, and our niche is to help them achieve a six-figure business. Our marketing effort and program content are focused on speaking to coaches wanting to build a six-figure business. 

That doesn’t mean that others are not welcome to attend. Anyone can sign up! 

And we offer different campaigns to serve other segments of our target market.

You don’t have to choose just one target market and niche (unless you want to). But you do need to SEGMENT your strategies and product offerings to attract clients.


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