Running a business should be fun!


It takes a lot of work to be a business owner. Some might say it’s “serious business to run a business.”

But my question to you is, are you TOO serious?

Running a business should also be FUN! It should bring you joy and fill your bucket!

What are you doing to ensure that you have fun with your business?

How are you letting the power of positive emotions propel you and your business? 

I invite you to stop right now and join one of our clients, Christine Smith, in a one-minute laughter exercise.

Laugh Now


You might wonder why business development coaches encourage you to laugh and have more fun. Here are a few reasons:

  • Studies have shown that laughing strengthens the immune system and lowers your blood pressure. This keeps you healthy to run your business and serve your clients.

  • We’re instinctively drawn to people that laugh easily. You probably never considered laughter as part of your client attraction strategy.

  • There are many ways to relieve stress, but few feel as good as laughing. A good laugh will allow you to forget about your challenges for a little while and refresh your mind to work more effectively. And the good feelings can last for hours afterward.

Michael and I have so much fun working together at BizLife 360! Comment below and let us know how we can support you to have more fun in your business!


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