The CRITICAL step of “Measuring & Adjusting!”


The year is young.  AND, it’s already 9% over!  

If your 2023 revenue goal is important to you (and we think it should be), then you should be at least 9% or more of your target.  Otherwise, you’re off track already.

To be clear, revenue is just one measurement.  And we aren’t implying that other things aren’t important, most importantly taking great care of your people, especially clients!

And, we own businesses.  Financial success is important.  You  deserve it, as long as it’s achieved ethically, with honor & dignity.

So, we challenge you to measure where you are now compared to your year-end goals and make the necessary adjustments to get or stay on track.  The more committed you are to this NOW, the easier it is to get/stay there! 

We LOVE interacting with you.  Feel free to comment below and share how you’re doing, or ask anything you want.  We promise to respond.


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