The 89-word business plan...


Here is your 89-word Business Plan to use as a template!

I will market my business by SERVING prospects for free and offering a complimentary consultation for those that want to explore working with me  further.

I will conduct my consultations in an ethical and dignified manner by working to find the best solution for my prospects.

I will:

  • Give 18 valuable free talks and offer a consultation.
  • Attend 24 target market networking events and offer a consultation to those who fit.
  • Implement four “Triple Win” Strategic Alliances.
  • Have four AIR conversations per month and follow up.

= $324,00 Revenue!

This is a real example. Simple? Yes.😊

"Easy?" Not necessarily.😐

But what good things in life are? People need you. Get going.

Always here for you if you need/want anything.  Simply comment below.


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