How do I get people to pay my fees?


A couple weeks ago we asked you to write us with any questions you had about business, sales & marketing.  We love serving, so it was fun to answer your questions!  Here is one of the Q&A’s that you might benefit from…

Question from Pamela: 
“People love my service, but panic at the financial investment.  How do I help them to see that it’s worth it?”

Our Answer:
Hopefully your marketing strategies funnel prospects to a 1-1 conversation.   Although this is simplified, one of the keys to this meeting is to genuinely and authentically help the prospect feel the pleasure/benefits/results of achieving what they want and the pain of continuing on their current path and potentially not achieving their goals.  So you want to ask things like …

  • What do you want?  What are your goals?  Why? Tell me more.  
  • How will you feel when you get there?  What impact will this have on your life?  Business?  Family?  More questions.
  • What are you struggling with?  What might be holding you back?
  • What are the repercussions of this?  What if this doesn’t change?
  • What would make investing with me worth it?

After this, ask for permission to share how you can help them.  In a conversational manner, share a brief overview of your process.

We invest in things we “really want” or NEED.  We all want to get a “Return on Investment.”  This doesn’t need to be money.  Help them see/feel/experience the benefit of working with you and you will get more “Yeses” for your service!


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