Leery of “being sold to?” This could be hurting you!


We are in the midst of inviting some of you to a Virtual Coffee or AIR Conversation.  We received this response last week…

“I would usually turn down your offer to visit because I don’t want to be sold to…” 

Might YOU ever feel this way?  

Admittedly, we have.  And it got us thinking deeply about this.  Here are some thoughts for you:  

  • If you’re leery of being “sold to,” you are also leery “to sell.”  Neither is a bad thing.  If you think so, you’re doing it wrong.  .
  • Nobody can sell you anything that you don’t need or want.  You can’t sell anything your prospects don’t need or want.
  • Learn what not to do from people who make you feel “sold to.”
  • Don’t turn away opportunities to meet people, even if you think you’ll be “sold to.”  You could be missing out in many ways!

If this article helps you in any way, we’ve done our job!


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