How a business partner can change your life!


This is Michael.  A friend asked me this week, “What decision have you made in your business that has had the biggest impact?

“That’s easy,” I said immediately…”Inviting Amy to be my business partner.” Amy is one of the most awesome people I know and BizLife 360 wouldn’t exist without her.  

(Interestingly, my previous most impactful move was partnering with Michelle Schubnel of Coach & Grow R.I.C.H.)  

Do you have a business partner?  And to be clear, we don’t necessarily mean “partner” as a business structure.  (We’re an S Corp.)  It could mean that, but I’m speaking in general terms.  

If so, we’d love to hear how it’s going for you.  If not, here are three of the many reasons to consider one!

  • Business is way more fun!  In many ways, one of which is decreasing isolation and loneliness BIG TIME.   
  • 1 + 1 = 3 or more.  You often “more than double” in key areas:  Creativity,  Products & Services, Revenue and clients to name a few.  
  • Your company is better and stronger.  This is especially true when you partner with someone who is flat-out better at some things than you are.  (In our case, Amy is better at a LOT of things than I am!  😁)

Bonus Benefit:  Add in a Virtual Assistant, (like our “Rachel the Rockstar”) and now you have a little team!  😁

If you ever want to strategize about the “Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How” of business partnerships, let us know.

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Wishing you a great week!


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