When Should You Send a Client Gift?


Do you send gifts to your clients to show your appreciation?

Why Send A Client Gift?
A thoughtful client gift can serve multiple purposes:

  • It shows your appreciation and thanks them for their business
  • It sends a personal message that highlights how much you value the relationship
  • It enhances your appeal and their desire to continue working with you (and referring their friends to you)
  • It promotes your business - if you send a thoughtful gift, they will talk about it and potentially post a photo on social media spreading the word even further!

When Should You Send It?
The best answer to this question is…when they aren’t expecting it! 

Your clients probably receive several gifts in December, so your gift will have more impact if you send it at a different time. You could show gratitude around Thanksgiving or in January to celebrate the New Year. 

Or, you could celebrate other “holidays” that are special to you and your client, such as:

  • To welcome them when they start working with you
  • To congratulate them on achieving a milestone
  • To celebrate your anniversary of working together
  • To celebrate your business’ anniversary 

What Should You Send?
The more personal and targeted the gift, the better. Think about your services and how your gift might deepen their experience. For example, a journal with your client’s name on the front and some inspirational quotes inside would be a great gift from a coach that encourages her clients to keep a journal.

Notice I suggested putting your CLIENT’s name on the cover instead of your logo. They will notice and appreciate customization that doesn’t appear to be self-serving. You could put your logo on the back or somewhere discreet if you feel strongly about including it.

ALWAYS include a card with a handwritten note from you. This attention to detail and personalization will elevate your gift regardless of how much you spend on it.

Sending Gifts to Former Clients
You can also use gifting to re-engage clients. When you send a thoughtful gift, most people will thank you. This gives you an opportunity to check in and have a conversation with your former clients. It could lead to engaging in additional services, referrals, or testimonials.


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