The “dreaded business plan.” Here’s a better way…


We  informally asked one simple question to over 500 of you…”Do you have a business plan?” Only 7.4% of us do.  Yet we all agree that it’s better to plan for our success than to wing it. 

If you have a business plan, let us know so we can praise you!  

If not, why not?  We bet it’s because:

  • You view them as “hard.”
  • They require a lot of time and thought.
  • Your “business” is really a hobby.  
  • Then your business becomes more “real” and you risk failing.

Those last two can hurt.  😋  But look within and be honest with yourself.

When you’re ready to commit to accomplishing your goals, both financial and other, we recommend carving out 2-3  hours in the next 10 days and map out your plan.  

Want a cool little template to get you going?  

Email with TEMPLATE in the subject line or leave us a comment down below!


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