What the heck is “Coachulting?” And why might you care? :)


This is Michael and today is my 56th birthday!  As I reflect on the year, there have been many highs and lows, I imagine this is true for most of us.  Two of the biggest highs were forming this business with Amy and buying a home/moving back to my beloved New England!

Hot tub

Two weeks ago, we wrote “Does anybody serve people 1-1 any more?”  Since we received several responses, today we continue on that theme.  Consider this in your service delivery:

—Be true to yourself and honor the way YOU like to deliver your service.  

—The more authentic we are, typically the more happy and successful we are.

—Unless you’re a purist (which is fine of course) you might create your own unique delivery to  

    serve your clients.

—If so, consider “branding it,” in part by giving it a special name.

—You will find that your “right fit” prospects and clients are drawn to this!

We’ve done this in several ways.  One example is what we call “Coachulting.”  You may guess that this is a blend of Coaching & Consulting and how we deliver our 1-1 support.  Our clients are getting great results and enjoy this method.  We do too!

Feel free to comment with questions, we’ll be happy to respond and give you a free training module on this concept!


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