Yes, you can make $150k+ serving clients 1-1!


A fellow coach recently bragged to us, “I don’t bother with 1-1 coaching anymore. I just do small groups and earn $1,875 per hour.”

Call us old fashioned, but we think that there are other things that matter besides money, $ per hour, scalability and more. Don’t get us wrong, these things are OK too, but we believe best when balanced with sacrificing some of this for the beauty of pure 1-1 service of our clients.

How about you?  We would love to hear from you.  How do YOU serve your clients?  Just leave us a comment and share.  We love engaging with you!

If you serve folks 1-1, good for you.  We bet you’re doing deep, transformational work.  If you’ve moved beyond 1-1, that’s cool.  And you just might consider coming back to it, at least for a handful of clients.  I (Michael) did this after stepping away for a few years and absolutely love it!

And don’t forget, let’s say you’re a coach charging $750/month.  Sixteen clients is $150,000 per year.  Nice way to make a decent living! 

We love serving you.  Thank you for this honor.

You might also consider combining 1-1 AND small group service.  We do this and have found our clients love it and get even better results.    

We would LOVE to help you grow your business!  Let’s see if we’re a “WIN-WIN fit.”  Learn more here.


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