What’s so special about 6% as it relates to speaking?


OK, so let’s say you’re committed to using “Speaking for Free” as a marketing strategy….Good choice!

And you’ve heard us say that you can earn $100k+ per year from this ONE marketing strategy.  You may be wondering, “How exactly do I do that?”

Well, there are SEVEN steps to do so.  The first important step is to watch our free training webinar:

How to Build a 6-Figure Business from ONE Marketing Strategy: 
Speaking for Free!

The other SIX steps are laid out in the webinar.  😁

To whet your whistle, here’s how 6% is your “magic number” when you use speaking as a marketing strategy:

6% of your audience becomes a client and/or invests in your $5k+ product/service.

In case you think 6% sounds low it’s not for this type of speaking.  And here’s how quickly you get to $100k…

Audience Size New Clients/Sales Revenue per Talk # Talks to $100k
20 1 $5k 20
30 2 $10k 10
50 3 $15k 6
100 6 $30k 4


And just to keep it real, this doesn’t happen overnight, and there are a lot of nuances to nail a talk and hit these numbers.  When we teach folks our system, we share that it takes most people 4-5 talks before they have it down.

We hope this further gets you excited to implement this awesome strategy!



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