One Simple Marketing Strategy to hit $100k+!


Wow, from the emails that came in following last week’s micro training, we appear to have touched upon a deep desire for many of you: To Simplify Our Marketing!

We’re right there with you! As we shared, you only NEED one powerful active strategy.

We’ve been touting that our favorite is Speaking for free. We don’t mean to sound like a broken record, 😊 It’s just that it works so well, we ask that you consider it.

To help you further, here is our free training webinar:

How to Build a 6-Figure Business from ONE Marketing Strategy:
Speaking for Free!

VERY IMPORTANT: NOW is the best time to be booking talks for 2023. We know you’re busy and you may have good intentions to watch this later, but this doesn’t serve you, so we have a special gift and we’re giving you until 11:59 PM Eastern on Friday, September 2 to watch it, then it will go away.

Carve out 44:17 and watch this before Friday at 11:59pm Eastern.


P.S. This is Michael. I earn about $200k/year when I speak about 18 times.
This is what “I pay myself” and the rest is gravy!
We teach you exactly how to earn $100k+/year from this ONE marketing strategy. 😊


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