Let's keep “marketing” SIMPLE!


Yesterday we emphasized the importance of narrowing your target market and niche.  

Now onto marketing strategies…

Are you tired of hearing “You must do social media,” or “You need clickfunnels,” or “JV’s are the only way to go.”  The noise can be deafening.

Did you know there are over 163 marketing strategies you can use?  Holy cow!

We suggest that you only “need” FOUR.  Sure, you can have more, but you only NEED four.

We like to use a “train” metaphor to keep things simple:

  • One Active Strategy (Engine)
  • One Passive Strategy (Car)
  • One Keep in Touch Strategy (Caboose)
  • One Follow Up Strategy (Track)

Yes, this may sound simple.  But couldn’t we all use some peace and simplicity nowadays?

If you are a newer solo, earning less than $100k/year (but want to), or you're just tired and want to simplify, watch:

 Our free yet robust training: Marketing is Not a Dirty Word!”

You’ll map out your marketing train and learn that Marketing isn’t dirty, sleazy, or salesy.  




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