Balance your marketing with both long term and short term strategies


What’s the “right” marketing strategy for your business? Consider having a mix of long-term and short-term business development strategies, even if this requires targeting slightly different markets.

For example, if your target market is large corporations, you know that those contracts can be huge. Nice! And you also know they can take a longer time to secure and even pay. You might consider marketing to the same target audience in smaller companies with less bureaucracy.

You will most likely secure clients more quickly. Sure, they may be at a lesser rate, but not necessarily. And even if they are, it may be worth it if they are easier to secure and pay you quicker.

Another example is in your marketing. Speaking, Strategic Alliances, and Networking for example, are very effective strategies, but typically take longer to produce results.

Consider these strategies or similar to add to your mix…

—Robust free trainings for your list with dignified irresistible offers
—Co-create and deliver shorter term offerings with your Alliance partners
—Create a simple but powerful new product or service with special launch pricing

When done in an ethical and dignified way, these can all be a win-win for you AND your prospects!

Even if you don’t use these specific ideas, we hope this article gets you thinking about a well-rounded marketing system for your business.


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