Tie Marketing Strategies to Financial Targets


Quick.  Think of your favorite marketing strategy.

How much income will you earn from this one strategy for the rest of 2022?

If you know this answer quickly, good for you.  That’s a sign that you’re on top of your business.  If you don’t, the “good” news is you’re in the majority.  The bad news is it’s a shame.  

When you tie each of your marketing strategies to a specific, solid, financial target, it’s a game changer for your business!

A key word here is “solid.”  You must know what “good,” “bad,” and “mediocre” results are from each marketing strategy.  Only then can you measure and compare your actual results to a predefined, solid, justified target and make any necessary adjustments to accomplish your goals.

We don’t want to be overly dramatic, LOL…but consider taking a deep breath and reading this again.  If you get serious about this, it will make a MASSIVE impact on your business!


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