S&M is Not a Dirty Term!


Too many solopreneurs consider Sales & Marketing to be dirty somehow.  I too often hear "I don't want to be _____."  (Insert words like "salesy," "pushy," "a used car salesman," "slimy," even "dirty."   

First of all, I feel bad for used car salespeople, LOL.  How did they get such a bad wrap?  I recently traded in my used Porsche for a used BMW and had great experiences both times.

But I digress.  😊

If you're a conscious, caring, supportive solopreneur (as I know you are), I doubt you could be slimy or salesy with your marketing even if you tried.

Consider that marketing is simply SERVING your list/prospects, and sometimes inviting them to a complimentary consultation. (Or another sales mechanism.)

Simple.  It's about Serving and Inviting. 

Some folks in your target market WANT you, even NEED you.  It's your responsibility to put yourself out there and connect with them.  If they don't want to do business with you, they won't.  They're big boys and girls, capable of making their own decisions.

Quit treating them like babies and stressing what they're gonna think of you.  If you're coming from a good place, they won't think you're "Salesy."  And if they do, that's OK.


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