Your Boutique Coaching Business...

Join us to create & sustain your ideal lifestyle coaching business! 

If you're a new coach and/or you do not yet enjoy

the nice, simple LIFESTYLE business you desire,

this training is for you.  


Let's See If We're a Fit!

Don't you hate those long sales pages, where you have to scroll forever just to find the price? 

Let's cut to the chase! 😁


Group Only:

$1,000 per month

$495* per month

* BOGO and split the fee!








Group + Individual

$1,500 per month

$1,000* per month

* "Buddy Up" for $750 per month each!


Rodger Blaker PCC - President Rodger Blaker Coaching

“Since I began following Michael’s process and advice, my average number of clients has DOUBLED from 12 to 24 per month and as a consequence, MY AVERAGE MONTHLY INCOME HAS DOUBLED. ”

President Rodger Blaker Coaching

Here are the topics we cover...

  • Mental side of business, especially marketing and money!
  • Marketing Foundation: Target Market & Niche
  • Your Unique Methodology
  • Marketing Train: Active, Passive, Keep in Touch, Follow-up
  • Product and Service Portfolio and Three-Tiered Pricing
  • Solo-specific Time and Action Management
  • Master the Sales Process 
  • Handle Objections with Dignity and Respect

...And why we cover them (Benefits to YOU!)

  • Clarity, peace of mind, increased confidence
  • Know where to find your clients
  • It's easier to sell your system vs "yourself"
  • Focus and clarity. Four strategies are all you need
  • Feel more authentic with your offer
  • Finally, the "what, why, and for how long" resolved!
  • Fall in love with sales because you'll realize it's coaching!
  • Attract more clients in your authentic, caring way


It's New Year's Eve 2024...

You and your loved one(s) are at your "Happy Place," toasting to a wonderful year and looking forward to 2025.  You are feeling happy, grateful, at peace.  Your coaching business has (finally) hit its stride.  You achieved six figures for the first time ever.  And you know how to keep it going.  That's great, and it's more than that.  You have a life too! You're serving the people who want and need you.  You're making a difference.  You are more excited than ever about your future!   



What's Included: 

Both are truly an investment (not a "real cost"), as I promise you

a nice ROI! 

Individual + Group

$1,500 per month

$1,000 per month

Client Profile Questionnaire

90-minute 1:1 "Blueprint Session"

24 Individual Sessions!

24 Small Group Sessions*

12 Hours of Asynchronous Training Curriculum

Two Hour 1:1 Business Planning Session

"Just In Time" Coaching Sessions as Needed

Email Feedback on Anything


*Group and 1:1 sessions alternate weeks for maximum effect. Group day and time TBD




"Buddy Up" for $750/month each*

*Coaching sessions will be 75 minutes instead of 50

Group Only

$1,000 per month

$495 per month

Client Profile Questionnaire

90-minute Group "Blueprint Session"


24 Small Group Sessions*

12 Hours of Asynchronous Training Curriculum

Two Hour Group Business Planning Session

Limited Email Feedback


*Group meets Thursdays, 4:00pm EST for 75 minutes Start date:  1/18/24  




BOGO and Split the Fee!

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PRAISE for Michael's Coaching!

Cindy Locher BCH - Founder, ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center

“I hired Michael years ago to be my business coach, and we've been friends since. He asks the right questions, listens, and challenges me in ways that I never thought of before. He helped evolve my mindset, marketing, sales, pricing and more.

Founder, ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center

Rina Mora - Visionary Life & Business Coach, Tiny But Mighty Coaching

“I hired Michael as my business development coach in 2020, then I re-upped with him again and again! Why? Because we are cranking in the growth of my business! Michael is so caring and knowledgeable. And just about every month I get multiple new 1-1 clients and I just filled my first group. I love his system so much I became a licensee!”

Visionary Life & Business Coach, Tiny But Mighty Coaching